Fellowship -  Creating Membership Longevity through Fellowship

Fellowship - Creating Membership Longevity through Fellowship

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The homogeneous principle teaches that species tend to be drawn to their own kind. Despite that a literal implementation of this principle could lead to the separation of the races, we must not ignore the fundamental truths behind the principle. People tend to naturally like hanging with people who are similar to them. Having said that, it is imperative that churches provide some form of homogeneous groups for people to gravitate to that allows them to discuss and share similar thoughts and concerns. Fellowship ministries provide churches with this opportunity, and increase the probabilities of personal fulfillment among its members for their church. The Bible instructs us to not forsake the assembly of ourselves together. Fellowship is vital to membership longevity; it lessens the possibilities of members feeling congregational loneliness.

The Fellowship Ministry Module provides churches with the following:

  1. How to create a culture of fellowship
  2. How to develop a strategic fellowship ministry plan
  3. How to create the five most crucial fellowships to ensure that everyone has a homogeneous place inside the church where they can feel a free sense of belonging and share intimacy
  4. How to understand the difference between ministry fellowship groups and ministry groups and how to maximize growth from both
  5. Some effective ideas of some of the best practices in church fellowships 
This module will assist you in the process of creating a safe place for all the members of your church and increasing the probabilities of their long-term church membership through the powerful tools of fellowship ministry and prayer! Each system is Bible-based and supported by scriptural references, which facilitate easy congregational dissemination. Each system contains instructions of implementation to ensure simple execution in your church. Get your system today and begin growing tomorrow!

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