Integration - Helping People Find Their Place in Ministry

Integration - Helping People Find Their Place in Ministry

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Church growth is truly a holistic system, and every component of the system is critical. The church growth system begins with, invitation, followed by reception and follow-up. However, once a person decides that they want to be a part of your church ministry, you have to have a system of integration or helping them to become a part of the church family and finding their place in ministry service. Every business and organization that is successful has a system of integration – a system that is responsible for integrating new employees into the business context. Likewise, in church, new members and visitors must be integrated into the church if the church is going to grow. The Integration System is key to church growth to ensure that every member feels a part of the ministry.

In this module, you will gain the tools and resources to assists you in:

  1. Creating a culture of Integration
  2. Developing a integration strategy from the altar to ministry involvement
  3. Developing classes that connect visitors and members to the vision of the church
  4. Defining and solidifying the available roles and opportunities for ministry involvement
  5. Effectively recruiting volunteers for ministry and how to ensure that they are trained and equipped for service
  6. Integrating the ordinances of the Lord’s Supper and water baptism into the life of the church as a point of integration
  7. Learning the key ratios that make integration work and retaining your existing members, while reaching your new members

This module will assist you in the process of integrating the visitors who have now become members through the establishment an effective integration ministry through powerful tools of discipleship and prayer! Each system is Bible-based and supported by scriptural references, which facilitate easy congregational dissemination. Each system contains instructions of implementation to ensure simple execution in your church. Get your system today and begin growing tomorrow!

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