Reception - Getting Your Visitors to Return

Reception - Getting Your Visitors to Return

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Conceptually, getting your visitors to return assists the church in the area of church friendliness or, as the business world refers to it, customer service. First impressions are lasting impressions, and it is important that your ministry makes a good first impression, because you only get one opportunity to make a first impression. Invitation and Reception are the two sides of one coin, so if you are going to invite visitors, you must also prepare to receive them. Many churches fail in gaining the attention of those who visit, and thus, fail to convert visitors into members. In order to impact your visitors in such a way that they become members, there are certain things visitors must experience.

This module will assist you in:

  1. Creating a culture of reception that sets your church thermostat on friendly
  2. Understanding how to make a good first impression
  3. Employing the 10 touches that every visitor should experience
  4. Identifying the four cancers of reception and how to avoid them before they poison your environment indefinitely 
This module will help improve your church’s customer service and friendliness toward visitors through powerful tools of reception and prayer! Each system is Bible-based and supported by scriptural references which facilitate easy congregational dissemination. Each system contains instructions of implementation to ensure simple execution in your church. Get your system today and begin growing tomorrow!

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