6 Pack System of Church Growth and Health

6 Pack System of Church Growth and Health

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Studies reveal that 8,000 to 10,000 churches are closing annually and 1,500 pastors are leaving the pulpit monthly – never to return. Only 1,200-1,800 churches are opening annually. The church attrition rate is increasing; and while population growth is increasing in North America, church attendance rates are in a constant decline. Pastors are feeling the pressure of membership decline, and many churches are suffering. The church is no longer benefiting from societal centrifugal force that drove people into the church after the world wars. Growing churches understand that we are beyond the era and cliché that “if you build it, God will fill it” age. We live in a high tech-low touch society that needs a church that possesses the right spiritual DNA to appeal to and retain this new generation. Thus, church growth must be intentional and very focused in order to grow an effective Great Commission-based church.  

The church in general is suffering great growth challenges, and as a significant subset, African-American churches face even greater challenges due to the place of the church in the culture. There is a thin line between the pop culture of African-Americans and church culture, which creates a thin line of demarcation between a healthy spiritual church culture and a community of spiritual people who are unchurched.

Church growth is both a science and a move of God. In order to plant and grow churches in the 21st century, there are certain practices that must be employed in order to grow. While we know that God ultimately grows the church, it is the responsibility of the pastor and church leadership team to provide a fruitful environment in which God can move. The biggest reason why people don’t attend church is because they are not asked. Churches must understand how to remove environmental resistance that hinders the growth of the church thus repositioning her for incredible growth. Researchers have found that healthy churches across the world share common practices. If you want to have a growing church, these practices must be employed.  

The relational and cultural needs of the people in our 21st century society have created a tremendous opportunity for growth! Dr. Dana Carson, the Kingdom Voice and African-American Church Growth Expert, has created and engineered a church growth system that is designed to assist churches in their efforts to create 21st century growing churches. He applies his unique training and over 30 years of experience planting and growing churches. His doctoral level training in church growth from the esteemed Boston University, and over 30 years of experience in planting and coaching churches to grow, have allowed him to engineer a church growth system that is revolutionizing churches worldwide, especially the African-American church. This church growth system is named, “The 6-Pack & a Smoke.”  The 6-Pack & A Smoke is a church growth system that is designed to address all of your fundamental church growth needs and opportunities.

The 6-Pack & a Smoke contains seven modules that address the fundamental and crucial areas that are needed for your church to grow:

  1. The Attendance Module
  2. The Church Reception Module
  3. The Follow-up Module
  4. The Integration Module
  5. The Fellowship Ministry Module
  6. The Outreach Ministry Module
  7. The “Smoke” Module – Creating 21st Century Worship Services


Each system is Bible-based and supported by scriptural references, which facilitate easy congregational dissemination.  Each system contains instructions of implementation to ensure simple execution in your church. Get your system today and begin growing tomorrow!

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