Worship - Creating a 21st Century Corporate Worship

Worship - Creating a 21st Century Corporate Worship

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Research suggests that 63% of all churches have not changed their worship liturgy since 1947. Many church worship services are irrelevant to today’s church seekers and the unchurched. Many of the church worship services are considered antiquated and irrelevant. We are living in a technological era that is filled with a world of people who eat and drink technology, a mindset and orientation that is completely different than previous generations. If the church is going to reach the next generation, it must innovate or evaporate! Most Boomers and X’ers already have their desired churches, yet the largest church market is the Millennials. Our church services must appeal to them without compromising the Word of God. In the Smoke Module, you will gain insight and ideas on how to make adjustments in your worship service that you can live with, while attracting new worshipers and new church growth.

In the Worship Module (Smoke), you will learn:

  1. How to create a culture of 21st century worship
  2. How to create a strategy plan for 21st century worship implementation
  3. How to assess the effectiveness of your current worship service and identify what needs to change and what needs to remain
  4. How to integrate technology into the worship experience
  5. How to develop a worship team that presents worship with the spirit of excellence
  6. How to design and develop a liturgy and worship presentation that is culturally relevant, moving, and creates an experience with God
  7. The top five expectations of those who attend worship
  8. The most effective ways to connect to each generation of worshipers
  9. The history of worship and how to apply what is relevant and necessary in your worship service
  10. How to integrate new worship styles and functions into the worship service
  11. The place of music, singing, and dancing in 21st century worship


This module will assist you in creating a 21st century format for corporate worship that will have a multi-generational appeal through powerful tools of 21st century worship and prayer! Each system is Bible-based and supported by scriptural references, which facilitate easy congregational dissemination. Each system contains instructions of implementation to ensure simple execution in your church. Get your system today and begin growing tomorrow!

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