Because of the Anointing

Because of the Anointing

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One of the primary reasons why people admire celebrities and well-known athletes is their EFFECTIVENESS. Amidst the millions of people who do the exact same things they do, they've figured out how to become more effective than most! Well, in the Kingdom, we are not called to be average, but to be extremely effective in our Kingdom assignment. In this anointed message, Dr. Carson discusses how believers can be MOST EFFECTIVE in the Kingdom. You will learn:

  • The purpose of being anointed by God
  • How to acquire and live with an anointing
  • The results of walking in a Kingdom anointing

God wants you to be effective in everything that you do, and He has given the Holy Spirit to make you effective. Take your life to the next level today by ordering your copy of this powerful message today!

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