How to Make Disciples

How to Make Disciples

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The How to Make Disciples System of Church Growth is a revolutionary system that takes a cellular approach to making disciples based the call of the believer to be fruitful and multiply. Scripturally, Adam is a type of Christ and Eve is a type of the church; together, they create offspring. The church was not designed to grow and increase through gimmicks and fanfare, but through solid discipleship methodologies. Jesus commands us to go and make disciples, not converts. In this powerful disciple-making curriculum, you will learn a powerful and effective way to grow disciples in your church, not simply converts. The How to Make Disciples System of Church Growth is a mitotic approach to making disciples that is both biblical and effective. This turn-key discipleship curriculum will revolutionize your church and replicate the DNA of the pastor to those who are a part of the congregation or becoming a part of the congregation. In this curriculum, you will:

  • Learn the four stages of discipleship
  • Learn how to impart your leadership DNA in your church and create more loyal Kingdom disciples who are ready to execute your church’s vision
  • Learn how to teach impactful approaches to winning people to the cross and the Kingdom who will be sold out for Christ and His church
  • Learn how to teach discipleship tools to make other disciples without getting frustrated and discouraged
  • Learn the four systems of mitosis that impart your leadership DNA to those who are under your church’s leadership
  • Learn how to train your leaders to support the senior leader through DNA impartation and perpetuation throughout your whole church

This system comes complete with:

  • A How to Make Disciples Teacher’s Study Guide and Handbook
  • A How to Make Disciples Implementation Guide
  • 12 empowerment audio teachings on how to make disciples from Mitosis Discipleship Expert, Dr. Dana Carson
  • A How to Make Disciples System Flowchart
  • A How to Make Disciples Student Handbook
  • Free technical support calls
  • And much, much more!

How to Make Disciples is a revolutionary Kingdom discipleship methodology that has been proven to turn converts into strong, committed disciples who make disciples. This church growth system will help you unlock the power of conversion growth in your church and allow you to utilize the principles used by Christ to grow your church.


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